Objectives & Functions

For effectiveness, every unit and department is saddled with various objectives which perform a number of functions to ensure smooth running of the Local Government as we serve the public. 

Maintaining Relationships

Maintaining a cordial relationship with all communities in the Local Government.

Prompt Response

Prompt response to populace demand

Basic Amenities

To ensure that populace have access to safe drinking water.

Sustainable Development

To improve the existing roads and constructing drainage system in the Local Government


Ensuring security at all nooks and crannies

Solid Waste

Safe method of solid waste disposal

Room for Ideas

Giving room to the populace to bring in their ideas for the development of their locality.


To empower the youths and women economically

Boost Economy

To improve crop farming and livestock.

Good health System

To reduce common diseases among infant and adults

Good Education

To ensure pupils are learning in a conducive environment.